First Baptist Church, Garfield, or “1st Garfield” as we like to call ourselves, is a Southern Baptist church with a rich heritage. For over 120 years this church has reached out to people with the saving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We continue this legacy today, although we’re a little different than we used to be and probably a little different than many other rural Southern Baptist churches.

How so you might ask?

Well, for starters, we are an elder led church. That just means that we have a team of pastors instead of one pastor and/or a ministerial staff. Our pastors serve together to lead the church under the authority of Christ, who is the head and chief shepherd. Each pastor has a particular role of leadership within the church.

Another difference is that we serve each other and the community through ministry teams rather than committees. We feel this gives us more flexibility within the church body to allow people to serve as they are called and gifted by God, and it helps us to maintain an outward, rather than inward, focus. We have also chosen to form small groups that meet in people’s homes throughout the various communities that we serve instead of having a traditional Sunday evening service. These are just a few things that make us a little different.

Our Sunday morning worship services offer a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs led by a praise team rather than a choir, which isn’t so different for a rural church in today’s culture but it is what you can expect to find here. You can also be sure that the preaching and teaching you will hear will be biblical. Our pastors hold firm to the inerrancy of scripture and strive to preach God-honoring, life-changing, Christ-centered messages straight from the Bible and our deacons do a fantastic job of caring for the needs of our congregation and our community.

As you can see, we are a little different but at the same time continue to carry on the legacy of reaching people with the Gospel of Christ in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.