Here at 1st Garfield we believe that church membership is important. It is something that God has called us to be a part of after all. Jesus even said that He would build His church! (Matt.16:18) All through the New testament we read about the church being one body, one building, unified, and that members are part of one another. That sounds pretty serious and pretty exciting to us. We truly do see ourselves as a family of believers, unified in purpose under the lordship of Jesus Christ Himself.

To be a member of our faith family you must first be a follower of Christ, having received Him by faith and then be baptized by immersion. If you have done or are willing to do those two things then we would be happy to discuss membership.

Members are voted in by the church family at a quarterly family meeting and every new member is required to attend a New Members class. In this class we discuss our core beliefs and our church structure and ministries. Anyone who is curious is welcome to attend one of these studies.

If you would like to know more about following Jesus or church membership please contact us.